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Forgot the Edgecombe County description which is really interesting 
and gives a warning and also some details about where the information 
in the book came from (subscription service with each 'lady' writing 
their recollections) as well as warnings about the conflicting 
dates/names and etc.:

"It is important to realize that information has been entered into 
the database exactly as it was
         found in the book. For example, one wedding date is given 
only as Feb 31. On a few
         occasions, people were given dates of death that preceeded 
their dates of birth, or they were
         listed in a CSA unit when they lived and died in the 18th 
century. Sometimes a man listed
         with a certain wife, birth and marriage dates, children, and 
father will have a different
         mother on two separate pages. These obvious errors have also 
been included, as printed in the
         book. It is up to the researcher to decide their veracity. "

Cynthia Herrin, can be contacted by sending e-mail to
         forms at

         Source Information:
         Herrin, Cynthia, comp. Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 
Vital Records, 1720 - 1880.
         [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000-. Original 
data: Early Families of
         Edgecombe County, North Carolina, Its Past and Present. NC: 
The Tarboro Society for
         Genealogy and Biography, 1881 (with an appendix added in 
1920). "Compiled by the Ladies'
         Tarboro, NC Genealogy and Library Association for the 
Preservation, Dissemination and
         Exultation of the History of Edgecombe Co., NC."

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