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With 19 million people actively tracing their heritage
and 113 million expressing an interest in starting,
genealogy is one of America's favorite pastimes.1

1 Fulkerson, Jennifer. "Climbing the Family Tree."
American Demographics, Dec 95 vol. 17 Issue 12 p42.

It is estimated that genealogy is the hobby of more
than 100 million people in the Unites States. [1]
[1] Jennifer Fulkerson, "Climbing the Family Tree,"
American Demographics (np: December 1995).
42-50, quoted in Jim Willard and Terry Willard
with Jane Wilson, Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide
to Family History and Genealogy
(Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1997), 203.
(LOC - CS16.W526 1997)

There is "113 million expressing an interest in starting,"
"genealogy is the hobby of more than 100 million people
in the Unites States"

A 1995 survey by Maritz Marketing Research showed
that over 45% of American adults, or 87.5 million people,
are interested in genealogy-almost 14 million
"involved a great deal," and another 74 million
"somewhat interested."2
2. Jennifer Fulkerson, "Climbing the Family Tree,"
American Demographics (Dec. 1995), pp. 42-50.

Based on a 1995 poll by Martiz Marketing Research
of Fenton, Missouri, for American Demographics,
it was estimated that more than 113 million American
adults (4 in 10) "are at least somewhat interested
in genealogy." 19 million were estimated to be
"involved a great deal in tracing their lineage."
The estimates cited in the article included some
of the demographics of those individuals. Not
included, however, was the sampling size of
the survey group upon whom those estimates were based.

The current U.S. population clock shows,
as of this moment, 294,610,379, tied to
the 2000 Census data. 

In 2000, 25 million men and 31 million women
were aged 55 and over, a key segment of those
who do genealogical research.

113 million interested Americans would exceed
the 56 million aged 55 and over by 57 million.

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James Jeffrey wrote:

>Just thinking about this makes my head hurt.
>Okay, how many periodical titles are indexed in PerSI by Allen County? 
>What does Cyndi Howells say about number of websites?
>There are a few directories of genealogical societies in print let's
>just count em.
>How many genealogists in the country, there is no way to really find an
>answer to this.
>But in my own guesstimation for every dues paying member of a
>genealoical society in Colorado there are about 40 people doing
>genealogy who are not members.  
>The average that people work on their family history is about 2 and a
>half years.  These are observations from across my reference desk.
>My family has a large family reunion every year.  My grandparents had
>100 grandchildren.  Of my cohort there are two of us actively engaged in
>genealogy.  Of that same 100 there are three of us who collect stuff on
>occasion.  Of the next generation down there are three who are actively
>engaged in genealogy.
>Now, if you take it another step, of my mother's generation, among her
>siblings and first cousins, most of whom are now dead, of their children
>and generations there are including the six from my immediate family
>theres an additional 12 people actually doing do level of research and
>of those only a couple actually engaged in a detailed research project.
>>>>ebireland at earthlink.net 10/25/04 3:57:12 PM >>>
>There were some articles several years ago that addressed these 
>statistics. See: Fulkerson, Jennifer. "Climbing the Family Tree," 
>American Demographics, (December 1995), New York: Dow Jones & Co.
>That is where the 50% figure came from as I recall. There was also a 
>Nielsen survey in 1996 on the subject .
>The Senator Hatch figures were probably based on these studies.
>Everett Ireland
>Jimmie.Epling at ky.gov wrote:
>>Does anyone have statitics for the estimated number of....
>>....genenalogists in the US?
>>....genealogy societies?
>>....genealogy books published each year?
>>....genealogy periodical?
>>....genealogy websites? 
>>I have found three different numbers for genealogists, but nothing yet
>>the others. 
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